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House Party Lee Abbey Dec 2021 Feedback

Paul and Liz were really excellent, inspiring, funny, deeply spiritual, and approachable.

Speakers excellent, good stories, wonderfully biblically centred.

 Inspiring speakers

Paul and Liz were great, very engaging

We really appreciated the honesty of the speakers

Pastor Steve Jenkins 

Life Central Church Wellington Jan 2022

Paul & Liz joined us at the start of the year with a word that was straight from God’s heart.  Paul brought teaching that was so in line with what God has been speaking to us for months, and Liz prayed this in with a prophetic edge that was both gentle and incisive.  I know that this meeting will prove to be a significant milestone win the life of our community.  Thank you for faithfully following the Lord’s lead.

Unlocking your Prayer life Conference Lee Abbey September 2021 Feedback

“Very charismatic and effective speaker. Encouraged to participate but never put on the spot”

“The speakers content was inspired – excellent. Couldn’t have been better”

“Paul and Liz were inspiring, shared the Holy Spirit meaningfully and gave me joy and ‘good’ tears”


Kevin Byrne
Project Manager and founder. BUILDING 4 HOPE August 2021

Paul and Elizabeth have a unique ministry together that is very, very rare. The word that Paul bought was from the very heart of God. It was challenging, inspiring, encouraging, and very uplifting.

Their ministry has allowed each of us present, to move into a new level with God. Everyone present had a God encounter, through their precious ministry,

I will never forget their ministry, teaching and prayers that weekend. Each of us present, were deeply touched, strengthened, and encouraged. We have asked Paul and Elizabeth to return in 2022 and we cannot wait to see them again.

Leadership, King’s Church Chesham

Paul kindly shared with our church earlier this month on ‘Grief and Lament in the Life of a Disciple’. He brought a warmth, humility and compassion that spoke of someone who has walked a road of experience, and at the same time used his gift of teaching to unwrap the wisdom and hope of scripture. In these times of online services, Paul was able to connect with the viewer in the most sincere way, all the while encouraging and inspiring. We have had the blessing of Paul speak before, and we hope to have him speak again!


Kevin Ashby 

Leader of Langney Community Church

Following a recommendation from trusted friends, and a visit to their website, we invited Paul and Liz to lead our church weekend retreat. At our preliminary meeting and throughout the weekend itself we found them to be open, warm, approachable and refreshingly honest about their own experiences, including personal heartaches, which gave an authenticity and sincerity to their ministry. They made themselves available to everyone and very quickly became an integral part of the weekend. Paul’s teaching was challenging and inspirational, delivered with grace and humour, providing insight from scripture together with the means to put it into practice. Their humility and love touched those present and ensured that the weekend was a significant event in the life of both individuals and the church. 

Pastor Rob Gorst 

King’s Church, Berkhamstead

I’m delighted to commend Paul and Liz Lynch as people of character, integrity and gifting and who are motivated by a huge love for Jesus and for the His body, the church. Their passion is to see the Kingdom of God come wherever they minister, and to create contexts where individuals can encounter the truth and wisdom of God through the teaching of the Word and the operation of spiritual gifts. Having pastored and ministered in churches for many years they understand the challenges and opportunities that the local church provides, and within that framework are both safe and inspiring at the same time. 

Dr Neil Suggett

Elder at King’s Church Amersham

Paul and Liz have an insatiable hunger for everything God has got for them and for the people they serve. They are devoted to building the Kingdom of God here on earth. We have been greatly blessed by their ministry. 


They achieve an excellent balance of spiritual gravitas and a sense of fun. They are sensitive to the needs of individuals and groups and are great role models for people who want to go deeper in Christ.


Paul is a compelling preacher and teacher – he educates and inspires. They are both prayer warriors and they are guided by the promptings of the Holy Spirit in all they do. They are a blessing to the church.

Nicola Neal  

Chief Executive Officer of Every Life & New Wine National Leadership Team

I have had the joy of journeying both life and ministry with Paul and Liz over the last 10 years. Their passion for Jesus, deeply compassionate hearts and pursuit of His presence, combined with their huge love for people is both inspirational and challenging to me. It is an honour to call them friends. 

Pastor Graham Poland

Grosvenor Church, Barnstaple

Paul and Liz have been long-term friends of our church and have ministered in recent years at a Church weekend away, special weekend conferences and at ‘The Gathering’ (an event bringing together our three congregations). Every time they come, they bring a fresh, anointed input to the church, always with a pertinent prophetic edge but delivered with a sensitive, pastoral spirit.  I can highly recommend their ministry and its value in catalysing a church community into effective service.

Esther Birtwistle

Friends secretary and Team Leader Lee Abbey

It was a joy to welcome Paul and Liz to Lee Abbey for a conference in October 2018. Paul spoke on ‘Divine Invitations’ and shared stories from his own faith journey. As well as hearing of how God has answered prayers - people have been healed and churches built – Paul also shared the reality of life’s difficulties and God’s invitation to us to keep trusting in Him and in His Word. Paul is a great communicator and shares with humility, pointing people to a Sovereign God. His talks were engaging, challenging and encouraging. 

Paul and Liz became part of our community during that conference, and whilst with us, their love for God, their love and care for people, and their ministry of prayer were so much in evidence and much appreciated. Paul and Liz live out daily their trust in God, and we will be delighted to welcome them back again. 

Tony Goodman

ex missionary to Guinea-Bissau and Commission

church leader of Grace Church Salisbury

I first met Paul over 20 years ago while he was pastoring Cranleigh Community Church in Bournemouth and I had just begun to lead the New Frontiers church in Christchurch. He instantly became my favourite preacher! He is a passionate and sensitive man of God who cares deeply for the church and for the lost. He has been a challenge and encouragement to me personally, especially in the way he and his wife Liz handled the death of their beloved daughter Hannah at the age of 17. She was a radiant lover of Jesus and I will never forget her amazing and God-glorifying thanksgiving service which was attended by many fellow students and school and medical staff. I have no doubt that this dear couple will be greatly used of God in their new adventure with Jesus.

Pastors David & Adele Richards     

Catch the Fire Bournemouth

We will never be the same again because of Paul & Liz Lynch. The way they love, live, preach, encourage and impart the presence of God is truly outstanding. They are the real deal - walking in humility, joy, faith, kindness and wisdom. There are few people on the planet who have impacted us more than these two treasures of the British Isles. We highly commend them to you; they are a true father and mother in the body of Christ today.

Pastor Nick Johnson

Long Lane Church Liverpool

Paul and Liz bring a unique set of gifts that enhance any church community. Their amazing combination of the prophetic, pastoral and teaching gifts is a real asset to the Kingdom of God. Paul is an excellent communicator who brings the word to life. Through their experiences of life’s many challenges and difficulties as parents and church leaders, they bring the reality of God into situations that all can relate to. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Bob & Eileen Kilpatrick 

Pastoral Support, UK Core Team partners in Harvest

We have known Paul and Liz since their early days in Hamilton, Scotland. Their witness and testimony have been like a ripple effect throughout their lives affecting so many people as they have pastored churches in Barnstaple, Bournemouth and Amersham. Through difficult as well as happy experiences they have shown heart to heart connections with people they meet and come into contact with. Paul and Liz’s teaching is inspirational and the way they communicate is empowering, entertaining as well as humorous. When you listen to them you will catch their heart and respond to the God they love and serve. We lovingly and warmly recommend them to you. 

Revd. Canon Andy McPherson

Vicar of St. Saviour’s Bournemouth

Paul is a gifted, inspirational, bible-based speaker whose words are powerfully Spirit-led, yet delivered with gentle authenticity borne out of his life experiences. He demonstrates a pastor’s heart that beats in the rhythm of the Father.

Pastor Edward Odame

King's Church Ghana

Paul has been a great blessing to the church in Ghana. He is a mission orientated leader with his gifts of teaching, encouragement and faith. During one of their visits, a lady who had visited our church implored Paul and Liz to visit and pray for her sick son who had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, Samuel was miraculously healed and is still alive and well today, glory to God.

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